Class Descriptions


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is designed to align the breath with asana in a continuously moving class. Each instructor will offer a creatively sequenced class geared for the students who attend. The flow can be slow or fast & incorporate many holding poses to build strength & stamina. All levels welcome.

 Gentle Hatha

This gentle class is for those new to yoga or who want to move at a slower pace. Feel safe knowing that you can do yoga regardless of physical ability. Enjoy gentle yoga postures combined with deep breathing to gain flexibility & reduce stress.Take this inward journey toward deep relaxation & naturally heal the mind & body.

Restorative Yoga

Experience deep relaxation & release tension without muscular effort.  Props, such as bolsters, blankets, & blocks are used to help students achieve poses.  Poses are mostly seated or reclined & are held to relieve tightness & stress in the body, thereby calming the nervous system.

Restore & Renew

This class is a blend of gentle & restorative yoga. Begin with breathwork & gentle yoga to invigorate the body. Then end with restorative postures to release tension & deeply relax.  Come enjoy R & R.

 Animal Flow

Animal Flow is a primal workout combining animalistic movements with elements of Parkour, breakdancing, and gymnastics in a freestyle flow of fluid movement that is intense but extremely fun! This workout will challenge and improve your cardiovascular training, athletic performance, flexibility, mobility, and stability. As the movements are mastered, incorporating them into your current exercise regimen will make your workouts more effective and efficient. You will be lead through an introduction to the basic movements to prepare you for more! 


A guided group meditation class to offer students of all levels a dedicated time and place to learn a variety of accessible meditation techniques. Come to gain a sense of calm, clarity & focus to your life.

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